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Create an irresistible impression,
wherever you go…

red.wallYou’ve seen them — at parties, at meetings, in random public places. Men and women who somehow manage to command all the attention in the room, although it doesn’t look like they’re trying to.

Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Of course, that may not be your goal — maybe you even like being behind the scenes, under the radar a bit. Yet there are still some basic principles about how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you speak, how you use your body language, how you wear your hair, and several other tools that communicate a lot about you.

Whether someone wants to talk to you or do business with you. Whether you make them feel comfortable, ignored, intimidated, happy, frustrated, or a myriad of other emotions. Whether they trust you and respect you … or not.

Of course, each person is different — so just like resumes and business writing, your ‘best foot forward’ should be different from anyone else’s. Impress Express can help you discover … and maximize … your own distinct style.

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