Are You Ready to Make a Better Impression?

wordsmithing-Writing-ToolsNo matter what your marketing needs, to sell your product or to sell yourself, Impress Express can provide you with full-service project consultation and coaching, which includes editing, indexing, grammar, spell-checking, and seeing it through to the final production of your marketing materials. Bring us your ideas, an outline, or a rough draft — we’ll make it letter perfect!

Business Proposals
CompanyTraining Manuals
Resumes & Cover Letters
and yes, even Dating Profiles

It’s In the Details
We take pride in the detail and creativity we bring to your work, helping you achieve a result beyond your imagination. We know the importance of a good impression — and we work as your support team to create the best finished product possible.

Create Perfect Prose That Positively Sparkles
Your words can pack a potent punch. Or they can just lie there, taking up space on the page. We all learned how to write in school — theoretically, at least. But the problem is, your mastery of 7th-grade grammar doesn’t guarantee your words will move anyone to action.

Here’s the good news: Impress Express can equip you with ideas and an eye for detail that will supercharge your writing. From simple memos to presentations or full blown manuscripts … they’ll be edited, proofread and thoroughly polished so your words will further enhance your message and your image.

Discover how Impress Express can help you communicate with passion.