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30 December 2014
30 December 2014, Comments: 0

Several times a week I get calls from firms seeking employees. Not because I’m a “head-hunter’ or a recruiter, but because they know I meet candidates in the very early stages of their job search.  These employers are creative and proactive. When seeking for someone special, why wait and hope that the resume of a very talented, appropriate candidate actually reaches them? By contacting my office they can potentially get ahead of their competitors and reach an employee prior to their even beginning a job search.

They typically ask if I’ve run into anyone wonderful seeking a position in a particular field. Or, perhaps if I have any current clients with certain personality traits or a work ethic that might fit in well with their organization.

While I am always encouraging my job-seeking clients to get creative, when they themselves are in a position to do the hiring, they can implement the same creativity. It’s another form of networking. By asking his or her present employees for referrals everyone benefits. While someone may want to get their friend a job, they will probably be a very reliable source. They may know people who are looking, and at the same time, they will be cautious about who they recommend, knowing that their own name, job and reputation are on the line. Some companies offer incentives and bonuses if an employee recommends another employee who gets hired. It saves substantial time and money for the company so the rewards are obvious.

Although I may meet more jobseekers than some people, the point I am stressing is that when someone is looking to hire, one popular and successful method is to ask around. Make it known that you have an opening, especially to people who have opinions that you respect

If I’ve encountered someone in particular that impresses me, I am very likely to recommend and encourage someone to interview him or her. I’ve had some people make appointments and change them several times. Some show up late. Some don’t show at all. Some arrive in beach or gym attire.

But then there are those that shine. They are the epitome of future stars.  They mean business all the way. They understand that this is the beginning of their interviewing process. They take the business of their career seriously. They dress for our appointment the same way as if it were an interview. They arrive on time. They call if they need directions. They ask insightful questions which shows they’ve thought about the use of my time and theirs and that preparation for this appointment is significant to them. When these candidates walk through the door, I can’t wait until one of those employers calls and asks if I’ve met anyone special. I can tell them it is indeed their lucky day.

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