Styling Women

Change your view of yourself, and you change the world.

Isn’t that how it works sometimes? When you feel ‘put together’, free, expressive and confident, you are at your best. Possibilities open up! Life is sweet!

It begins with that special little room within your room…

Your closet – cave of broken promises or storehouse of earthly delights?

Lauren will help you select clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories that really work – for you. We cover it all, even getting you squared away with just the right hairstyle and eyewear.

Do you want to shop in stores? Or in your own closet? It may be a combination of both. Lauren will help identify the things that express who you are, fit well – and actually get worn, because they make you feel good.  She’ll identify ideal elements and colors that may be missing, and figure out where you might best get them.

Then, together, you’ll pre-build a spectrum of successful outfits that support the ‘roles’ you play in your life. Need to express your fun side? Of course you do. Lauren will get you set with few go-to getups. Business-y and classy? You’ll have it covered. Casually sexy? You’ll know what your tried and true combinations are there too.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

With Lauren’s help, you’ll get in touch with what looks good on you, and why. Be the you-est YOU in ways that are NEW and exciting – and repeatable – for those times when you gotta go NOW, and look great!

(OK, you look over your shoulder in the mirror, and then you feel it… wow, that’s ME!) That’s how it should be, and can be – on a consistent basis.

Lauren brings together influences from art, film, music videos, advertising, pop culture, and traditional moires of fashion in ways that work just for you. We’re all unique. Different bird, different feathers! Feel fabulous, and fly!

Call today and tell Lauren what you need.