Choose to impress

Your written words

Yes, you need to say it well, and maybe short 'n sweet. Yes, you need to avoid saying something that could backfire. But your primary goal is to leap to the front of the pack and the top of the stack. And vanilla, frankly, isn't generally the way to get there. See more

Dating Richter scale

You’ve seen them — at parties, at meetings, in random public places. Men and women who somehow manage to command all the attention in the room, although it doesn’t look like they’re trying to. Have you ever wondered how they do it? See more

Interview strategies

Outsmart the smart ones. You can do it. With your smarts. See more

Your personal style

You're unique. So you need unique ideas & solutions to reach your goals. Whether you need just a bit more "mojo" to make an impact ... or some major life-mapping ... you can discover the eye-opening principles you need to generate significant strides. See more