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30 September 2015

The Hospitality & Travel Industry

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Thinking about a career in the Hospitality & Travel industry? Excellent choice! According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the three industries which […]

31 July 2015

It’s Official!

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One of Comedian George Carlin’s classic routines was a comparison of the favorite American pastimes, baseball and football. He talks about the words used […]

30 April 2015

More than a little bit of bleach!

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Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with a client in the hospitality industry who was seeking additional employees for their hotel and restaurants. […]

31 January 2015

Take a #2 pencil and print, don’t write.

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After a local firm ran a classified advertisement seeking a marketing director, my company was hired to weed through the hundreds of prospects that […]

30 December 2014

The Interview Starts … now.

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Several times a week I get calls from firms seeking employees. Not because I’m a “head-hunter’ or a recruiter, but because they know I […]