About Impress Express

Here’s why I’m confident
I can help take you to
that next level of success…

You’re smart. You’re talented. You’re good at what you do.

But you haven’t quite reached the place you want yet.

I can help.

I’m Lauren Castle — a professional Image Consultant, Personal Branding and Career Preparation specialist, and founder of Impress Express. For years, I’ve helped men and women take that next step to success. Whether it’s landing your dream position, writing the words that make an impact, or just creating a better impression when you walk into a room … I know what it takes to elevate you from doing good … to doing great. To living up to your potential. To feeling better about yourself — because you’re the best you can be.

The relationship I offer you is different from personal coaching, because my methods are customized beyond standard motivational techniques. This is different from typical corporate training, because it’s not about a set of rules that just anyone can follow. This is a sophisticated blend of boardroom experience, logic, intuition, and style — customized to your personality, skills, background, and goals.

Truly tailored for you.

As I get to know you, I’ll apply my ability to see beneath the surface … with a focused commitment to telling it like it is … to blend proven techniques with you and your situation.

Sound interesting?
Call or e-mail me for a no-obligation first chat. I look forward to working with you!